How we Started

Honestvote began as a hackathon idea at Princeton University in 2018.  The project was quickly a crowd favorite, winning multiple prizes at the competition for its strong security and innovative design.  One year later, Jacob set out on the ambitious goal of turning the investigative project from a concept into a feasible system that might transform voting in the United States to something much more secure.

Jacob began recruiting ambitious fellow college students to begin working on the project.  Again, the project gathered a lot of interest from computer and security geeks alike.  The Honestvote team began participating in intensive programming sessions lasting 12 hours and adopting a delivery driven software development process following agile methodology.  Despite the intense structure, the team continued to grow to 20+ participants at 6+ Universities throughout the United States.

We found that students and young people were concerned about the security of elections and dedicated towards creating a safer alternative to the status quo in the United States.  Honestvote was created in order to strive towards providing the safest elections possible and is using incredible innovative technologoy to do so.

The future is bright for Honestvote as we continue to be encouraged by enthusiasm from peers; support from professors with security expertise; and an engaged, talented, and ambitious team.  Follow Honestvote to see what happens next!