Connect with Us

Join Our Slack!

Slack is where we track our Github progress and our primary source to interact. Team members share progress, needed technical information, and breakthroughs in development. 

Daily Scrums

Our team gets together every weekday, Monday-Thursday, where we hold stand up meetings. These meetings begin at 8 pm and last for 10 minutes. Everyone is welcome to join!

Stakeholder Meetings

 Every other Thursday at 7:00 PM, the Honestvote team demos its progress to its stakeholders and the public.  We are committed to developing the world's most trusted voting system, so regularly demonstrating our progress to the public is extremely important.  Come and join us!

Watch our Stream!

We are a team obsessed with transparancy so come join us on our Twitch stream. We stream for 12 hours every other Saturday from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Tune in to our stream and connect with the whole team!

Blockchain Github

Our Blockchain is available to everyone so feel free to check out our Github repo! You can find everything including our consensus algorithm and how we do peer-to-peer networking. 

Client Github

Along with our Blockchain algorithm, our client side code is available to the public. Feel free to check it out and give feedback!