Faciliating only Honest Elections

The three values that make secure elections are Decentralization, Anonymity, and Transparency.  Honestvote embodies these pillars better than any  pre-existing system.

Choose Honest Elections

We have designed a network that holds only honest elections.  Parties that attempt to manipulate past or incoming results on our network are removed and exposed to the world.

Elections are the fabric of modern society.


They are responsible for choosing leadership of school boards that set the direction for our communities, executives that set the direction for publicly traded companies, and politicians that set the direction of our nation.

An equitable society hinges on the ability to conduct safe, transparent, and anonymous elections. These issues have always raised concern since the dawn of organized civilization.

Recently, concerns have arisen that the security of US elections may have been compromised and that governments in some countries may be repressing the true results of elections.


Honestvote eliminates many of these worries.

How Does DAT Make Voting Safer?

 Our unique infrastructure is what makes our system truly revolutionary. DAT is an acronym coined by Honestvote that stands for a voting system that is Decentralized, Anonymous, and Transparent.

These are the primary properties of Honestvote which make it the voting system of choice for all Honest Elections.



In our system, recording votes is not trusted to a single centralized authority, but instead numerous trusted authorities across many elections that require validation of each other’s records in order to maintain integrity.

Under our system, it becomes technically infallible for one party to manipulate the vote count and even if they attempted to do so, they would quickly be exposed by other parties, revoking their privileges as a trusted party, and severely damaging their reputation.



Modern encryption techniques relying on established methods of public/private key elliptical curve cryptography are deployed insuring that a voter’s choice is private the entire time.



From a user’s perspective, anyone is able to trace back their vote to its true origin and see realtime results of the election. Such a system is infeasible within traditional systems based on the way they are architecturally designed.